Bloomin' Artists 2015


On the weekend of July 25th and 26th, the town of Hampton, its gardens and its river environment, became the inspiration for visiting artists an, as they drew, painted, and created a series of small works inspired by the beauty of their surroundings.  They were taking part in the “Bloomin’ Artists” fundraising event sponsored by The Hampton John Peters Humphrey Foundation and Communities in Bloom.

A silent auction for the small works created was held throughout the weekend at the Lighthouse River Centre in Hampton.

There were creative activities for children and the public was invited to visit artists as they worked.
Proceeds from Bloomin’ Artists go towards the continuing works of the Hampton John Peters Humphrey Foundation, a charitable organization committed to providing an ongoing tribute to John Peters Humphrey by educating individuals of all ages about his life and accomplishments; and to educating people about human rights.